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Webinar | FREE –  25.06.2020 – Pull your ideal customer in after an extraordinary #webinar and sell your product and online services!


25th of June – from 20 till 21h30


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  Price : FREE
  Duration : 1h30
  Type : Webinar
  Participants: Unlimited
  Time 20h-21h30
  Date:  25.06.2020


Pull your ideal customer in after an extraordinary #webinar and sell your product and online services!


A virtual world, a new way of working, a new way of communication have become imperative. Creating a webinar is a key step, but…

What are the right ingredients for a successful webinar?
How to launch a new online service and lever on current customers?
How to make your webinar engaging and fun?
How to boost sales without being salesy?

  • How to structure a webinar.
  • How to define your goals and engage your perfect customer.
  • How to include interaction and lots of fun
  • How to add captivating animation

Open to everyone

Internet connection


                                Co-animation by Dobrila & Kay

TCTA - Dobrila Stupar - fondatrice    Who is Dobrila Stupar ?

With more than 17 years of experience, Dobrila has had the immense privilege of accompanying more than 10,000 participants in SMEs, major accounts and international institutions.

This rich field experience led her to found « The Corporate Trainers Academy », based in Switzerland, in order to transmit these wonderful discoveries, skills, tools and methods to anyone wishing to start or consolidate a career in the particularly demanding world of adult education.

TCTA - photo Kay Rayée   Who is Kay Rayée ?

Kay is a born leader and a dynamic and authentic person. Making her passion her profession, she has naturally evolved in leadership with an impressive path.

She has led teams of 30 to 500 people, with more than 30 different nationalities and collaborators over several generations, from 18 to 60 years old. Her mission: « Putting people back into the heart of our actions in order to improve performance. »

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